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After serving the Central Coast for over 21 years, here's what we've learned:

✅ There are close to 100 known contaminants not monitored by the EPA that may be in your water.
✅ Most water contamination happens AFTER your water leaves the water treatment plant.
This is why testing the water at your home is so important  - so you will know what's in your water AND how to treat it.


Our goal is to educate our communities about what's in the water that flows through our homes and provide solutions to give you the healthy, delicious water you deserve.
The First Step: Know what's in your water. See if you're in our free water testing area by filling in your zip code below.
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Jay Hellenbrand, Owner Advanced Water Solutions

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The service that I have received from this company has been excellent. The sales people, technicians, and owner are all very approachable and a pleasure to deal with. We have had a problem with our reverse osmosis system being too loud and they have come back repeatedly to try and fix the problem and ensure that we are competely satisfied. The problem has been remedied and we are happy to be dealing with a company that wholeheartedly cares about its customers and their needs. Bravo.

My long serving and rare Braswell Water Softener failed over the weekend. All the available water was salty with a capital T. Called this am first thing. They sent Danny out this afternoon. He was here 10 minutes checked a couple of possible causes. Very professional and knowledgeable. Had it nailed in short order. He explained thoroughly, had the necessary parts in the truck and was outta' here in 30 minutes. Very reasonable charges and I'm back in business. The way things are supposed to work but rarely does. Thank you Danny you're an ace! Thank you AWS. Well done all!

Tom Loge'

We don't think about the water in our house. We have had Advance Water Solutions water for the past 6 years and never really knew how great the system was. We recently "babysat" for the pets of a neighbor and we shocked at the crummy water at their place. (they have that replace the tank every week service). East Ventura is famous for it's bad water but our house is crud/white junk/what-the-heck-is-that-smell?/dirty dishes free thanks to Advanced Water Solutions water. They really are the solution.

On time, courteous, answered all questions, didn't rush me, willing to give suggestions. Jay, you were very helpful in explaining all of your products/machine functionality. Willing to work with me on pricing & payment. Helped us very much!

-Barry Lang

We are extremely happy with our Advanced Water Solutions system. We appreciate the personal service we received as well! 

-Judy Byshhe

The people make the business. That's why Advanced Water Solutions are a pleasure to do business with!

-Doris Kennedy

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