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Water Filtration for Safe Food Processing

food processing

When it comes to our food, it’s important to be aware of the process that takes place in getting our food onto our tables. People often discuss the ingredients and chemicals that go into the processing of our food, but it’s also good to consider what’s in the water being used in the food processing.…

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Whole House Water Filter vs Pitcher Filter

Whole House GAC Filter

Being able to drink filtered water from your home without buying bottled water is an ideal situation. Not only is it more convenient, but it also saves you money over time and reduces plastic waste. Once you’ve decided that you want to have fresh filtered water right inside your home, the next question is if…

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Improve Your Cooking with a Kitchen Water Filter

kitchen water filter

Most cooking requires the use of some water, from boiling pasta to steaming vegetables. The water that comes through your tap is cleaned of particles and microorganisms that can cause illnesses. This is due to the water disinfecting process done by most city water treatment plants using chlorine. However, even if your water is clean…

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