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Advanced Water Solutions is the only water filtration company in the Ventura area who offers the best water filtration options at with multiple payment options from purchase to rent to own!

Water filtration is typically a 3-stage process covering the following:

  1. Whole Home Chlorine Removal:

    Chlorine is a nasty but necessary chemical used to disinfect municipal water supplies.  Although it’s good for killing bacteria, it’s bad for your skin and your health.  Over-the-counter chlorine filters for your shower and sink only can do so much before they themselves get overrun with bacteria and buildup.

    Our unique Whole Home Chlorine Filter removes chlorine for the ENTIRE home so you never have to change another filter again.  Plus, it cleans itself automatically and, unlike your mother-in-law, is seriously low-maintenance.

  2. Water Hardness Removal:

    We all know the telltale signs of hard water.  Just like flies in the springtime, those pesky hard water spots, scale in the bathtub, and embarrassing cloudiness on the wine glasses keep coming back again and again.

    Advanced Water Solutions offers a variety of hardness removal systems that ensure sparkling drinking glasses, clear shower glass, soft skin and hair, and lots of suds in your bubble bath (of course now you’ll have time to be IN the tub, instead of scrubbing the tub).

  3. Drinking Water Contaminant Removal:

    These days we can spend hours, if not days, pouring energy into worrying about the chemicals and contaminants we consume.  As an increasingly health-conscious nation, we all are becoming aware of the necessity of clean drinking water.  We’ve all heard the statistic that water makes up to 70% of our bodies (studies show in babies and small children water can make up even more).

    At Advanced Water Solutions, we provide an under-the-sink drinking water system which creates bottled-quality water from your existing water source!  Our systems are proven to remove common and not-so-common contaminants so you can be worry-free when it comes to the water going in to your body. Click here to learn more about drinking water systems.


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Local Reviews!

“Yes, I like your product very much. I no longer have to buy bottled water, which, I think, may just be tap water. Your system oxygenates the water, which is healthy. Even with having to change the filter once a year, its much less expensive, less cumbersome than bottled water, plus you save storage room. What’s not to like?”
, Oxnard

On time, courteous, answered all questions, didn't rush me, willing to give suggestions. Jay, you were very helpful in explaining all of your products/machine functionality. Willing to work with me on pricing & payment. Helped us very much!
, Santa Barbara, CA

“We appreciate the service and professionalism of Advanced Water Solutions.”
, Santa Barbara

We had a water softener installed when we moved into a new town home. Advanced Water Solutions was very patient with all my questions and was very professional when they came to install the unit. Their price was fair and they are willing to work with the buyer. After a couple of months we were having some trouble with the unit using the correct amount of salt. They came out within a day or two to fix the problem and we have had no problems since then. I was pleased that they were eager and willing to service what they sold. I believe Jay is honorable and honest and would recommend this company for whatever water conditioning needs you may have
, Santa Barbara
Advanced Water Systems is rated 4.9/5 based on 14 reviews.